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Industry survey under the epidemic situation, 62% of led ent

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Industry survey under the epidemic situation, 62% of led enterprises expect to make money this year

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has affected all walks of life, and the LED industry is no exception. The industry has been very concerned about the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the LED industry. Therefore, a questionnaire survey has been launched.
A total of 7471 samples were collected from the questionnaire. After screening, 6622 valid samples were confirmed. Now, the survey results are published as follows.
In this survey, the main enterprises are located in Guangdong, Shanghai and Jiangxi. In addition, there are more than 470 questionnaires from Hubei enterprises. The above provinces are densely distributed areas of led industrial clusters, and the samples are highly consistent with the distribution of employees in LED related industrial chains.
This time, the industry personnel who accept the questionnaire survey are mainly practitioners of epitaxial chip, packaging, lighting and display screen enterprises. These four industrial chain links are also the industry where the main practitioners are located, accounting for 74%. In addition, more than 470 questionnaires were collected from the most seriously affected automotive industry.
The scale of the enterprises surveyed is mainly medium-sized enterprises, and the number of employees is between 50-500.
For the enterprises participating in the survey, starting from February 9, the longest delay time that most enterprises can accept is 1-2 weeks, that is, the latest start on February 24.
February 10 is the time for most enterprises to return to work. According to the questionnaire, if the enterprises start to work on February 10, most enterprises expect the return rate of employees to be 50-70%. In addition, 30% enterprises expect the return rate to be less than 30%.
If it is delayed for a week, i.e. return to work on February 17, the company expects that the return rate of employees is still low. Due to the policy of multiple city closures and isolation, the flow of personnel continues to be blocked, so even if they return to work on February 17, the return rate of employees is still not ideal. It is estimated that 50-70% of them are relatively large, especially for the manufacturing industry, which means that even if the construction is started, there is still a certain shortage of manpower, or even the pressure of the lack of personnel in some key links.
For different provinces, the return rate of employees is also different. As the province with the most serious epidemic, Hubei expects only 6% of enterprises with a return rate of more than 90% on February 17, and Jiangxi, Shanghai and Zhejiang are not optimistic either.
The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, respondents said that the proportion of enterprises seriously or almost unaffected was relatively low, and the smaller the impact and the greater the impact of the same proportion. This may have something to do with the attributes of LED industry. It is not as serious as the consumer industry, nor as some defensive industries are completely unaffected by the epidemic.
Most enterprises, during the epidemic prevention period, have relatively scientific protective measures, including regular collection of employee health information, defense science popularization and propaganda, and distribution of masks to employees. However, the proportion of enterprises that regularly disinfect the workplace and living place is relatively low, but the proportion is close to 60%.
For 1q20's performance impact, more than half of the respondents think their company's first quarter performance will decline. Most of them believe that the decline is within 10%, and 16% of respondents said that the decline is expected to be more than 10%. However, 17% of the companies are still optimistic that the performance can maintain growth.
In the face of the epidemic, the main problems most enterprises are facing are insufficient supply of raw materials, supply interruption of suppliers, shortage of working capital and low return rate of employees.
The outbreak of new crown pneumonia has caused many enterprises to run difficulties, especially the impact of one month's stoppage by small and medium sized enterprises is enormous. In the survey, 38% of the enterprises hope that the help provided by the relevant functional departments is the full subsidy of employees' social security, 25% of the enterprises hope to be tax-free for one quarter, and 27% of the enterprises hope to be able to provide the subsidy of factory rent for one month.
From the perspective of the scale of enterprises, enterprises of different scales want different help. For small enterprises, it is estimated that they are mainly service-oriented enterprises, and the cost of human resources accounts for a relatively high proportion of the operating cost. Therefore, many respondents expressed their hope that the employees' social security will be fully subsidized. For large enterprises with more than 1000 employees, it is estimated that most of them are manufacturing enterprises, and the factory rent is obviously the biggest source of operating pressure. Therefore, many respondents expressed their hope for factory rent A month's subsidy. Recently, many governments have introduced the policy of rent-free public sector factory buildings, which will obviously be very popular for these enterprises.

The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a foregone conclusion, and the impact is continuing. With regard to the expected business performance in 2020, 38% of the enterprises think they can still make profits, which is not very pessimistic. The proportion of enterprises that do not earn or lose is 34%, and the proportion of enterprises that are expected to lose is also 28%, which shows that most enterprises are still quite cautious in 2020 under the influence of the epidemic.
The above is the conclusion of this questionnaire survey. I hope it can help you to understand the current market situation. Under the epidemic situation, the whole industry needs more difficulties. And I wish the epidemic to subside as soon as possible, the LED industry can return to normal as soon as possible, recover losses and usher in better development.


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