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Assist in epidemic prevention, ensure the return to work, Ne

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Assist in epidemic prevention, ensure the return to work, Neusoft launched "five anti epidemic King Kong"

In order to prevent and respond to the new challenges of revaccination and rehabilitation, and to meet the urgent needs of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Neusoft recently launched the "epidemic prevention Five Diamond Kong" by virtue of the combination of artificial intelligence and hardware and software. It includes: Neusoft temperature monitoring and control / intelligent inspection machine, Neusoft health care assistant robot, Neusoft disinfectant safety guard robot, and Neusoft distribution Knight machine. There are 5 intelligent terminal products, such as human and Neusoft intelligent information collection system, which can effectively prevent and control the epidemic situation, and provide security for the hospital's anti epidemic, enterprise's return to work and personnel's return.
It is reported that Neusoft temperature measurement control / intelligent inspection robot can provide services for all walks of life. This product is mainly applied to the front-line posts in the service place. It can be authenticated by the real name of the ID card and accurately measure the temperature of the visitors. Under the condition of no one on duty, it always keeps the first line of defense for the service place! It can be used in banks, schools, enterprises and institutions, public health places, etc.
The Neusoft medical assistant robot for the medical industry can communicate with the medical staff by means of interactive guidance, video display, voice dialogue, etc. under the condition of no one on duty, and quickly divide the patients with fever and symptomatic diseases by means of preset functions such as no one's triage and navigation. The robot does not provide the medical route and department for the patients, but also can query through the navigation in the hospital Patients are directly guided to the location of treatment, minimize direct contact, and ensure the first pass for outpatient service. At the same time, Neusoft medical assistant robot can also provide outpatient registration, payment, emergency communication, science and education video, price inquiry and other self-help functions.
Neusoft disinfection safety guard robot is a new safety and environmental protection product launched by Neusoft, which has strong sterilization effect. It has the characteristics of thorough elimination, safety and environmental protection, independent navigation, sterilization path traceability, etc., to ensure the sterilization effect, avoid cross infection, and residue safety and testability. In addition, the robot can independently complete map building navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent charging after completing disinfection task. At the same time, monitor the disinfection process in real time, generate a complete work log, and ensure the safe and efficient disinfection of indoor health.
Neusoft distribution Knight robot is a kind of distribution product applied to medical scenes, which enables doctors and nurses to accurately send drugs or meals to special wards through robots, reducing the risk of artificial contact with infectious sources. This robot has a large load-bearing range, identity scanning and unlocking, closed box to prevent pollution, and adopts temperature locking to protect the storage of special items. The efficiency of Neusoft distribution Knight robot is more than 10 times that of manual distribution, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of distribution work during the outbreak of the epidemic.
Neusoft intelligent information collection system includes information filling, real name verification, real-time temperature measurement, electronic access card, data management and other functions, which will greatly help the management, efficient resumption and safe return to school of mobile personnel in hospitals, communities, schools, government units, banks, factories, office buildings, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places.
In this war of "epidemic", Neusoft will always use the power of science and technology to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, help the epidemic prevention work and ensure the safe return to work.


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